Patient sneezes bullet from head

A man sneezes a bullet at the hospital

A strong sneeze was enough and the bullet of a small-caliber weapon had escaped from his head again. Previously, the man from Turin had been shot by as yet unknown perpetrators in Naples.

On New Year's Eve, a man removed a bullet from his head simply by sneezing. As the Italian newspaper "La Stampa" reports, the 28-year-old suddenly bled heavily on the face when he wanted to experience New Year's Eve with his partner in the center of Naples. Up to this point the victim was not aware that he had been hit by a bullet from a weapon.

The injured was then immediately taken to a clinic. Once there, the doctors suspected that a New Year's Eve hit the man and therefore the face was bleeding profusely. Further investigations revealed that the patient was hit with a small-caliber weapon. The bullet had entered the head through the hearing organs and got stuck in the area of ​​the nasal cavity. This fact alone astonished the doctors, because the man otherwise hardly made any complaints according to the circumstances. Something more astonishing happened later: The patient suddenly had a strong urge to sneeze and simply sneezed the ball out again. Afterwards the young man was treated on the eye. It is still unclear to what extent his eyesight has been affected by the as yet unexplained incident. (sb)

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