Dioxin in pork is not a health hazard

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Dioxin in pork no health risk? According to the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment, the current level of dioxin in pork should not pose an immediate danger to consumers.

Eating dioxin-contaminated pork has no direct health effects, but the possible long-term consequences - as with eggs contaminated with dioxin - are extremely treacherous, according to the warning from the expert from the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR), Helmut Schaffe.

Dioxin exposure: pork consumption does not pose a health risk Since dioxin can hardly be broken down in the body, the toxin is deposited in the fatty tissue and accumulates more and more over the course of life, the BfR expert explained in a conversation with the news agency "dpa". According to Helmut Schaffe, the intake of dioxins should therefore be assessed critically in general, but the limit values ​​exceeded in the pork samples tested so far were only slight, so that, in the opinion of the BfR, there is no immediate health risk if the dioxin-contaminated pork is consumed in moderation. "If someone eats a roast or sausage from time to time, they don't have to expect a danger," explained the BfR expert Schaffe.

Dioxin values ​​only slightly above the limit value In contrast to the current scandal involving the dioxin load in eggs and chicken, only a small additional load of dioxin was found in pork, emphasized Helmut Schaffe. So far, the samples examined have not been particularly meaningful due to their small number, but overall only a dioxin value of 1.5 picograms has been detected in pork, which corresponds to a limit value violation of 0.5 picograms, according to the expert. In an interview with the “dpa”, however, he did not want to give the all-clear, “because, whether we like it or not, we always take in small amounts of dioxin - even without any scandal” and since it is not broken down by the body, everyone should additional recording can be avoided, the specialist emphasized.

Hardly any opportunities to protect yourself from dioxin According to the BfR expert, consumers have hardly any way of protecting themselves from dioxin-contaminated pork. In most cases, consumers cannot understand how food was produced, which is why "surveillance and control systems and corporate responsibility are so important," explained Helmut Schaffe. According to the BfR expert, one way of minimizing the dioxin intake even when eating contaminated pork is to simply cut off the fat crust and not to eat it. Helmut Schaffe explains that the absorbed dose of dioxin can already be reduced considerably. The fact that the dioxin-contaminated fats, which are responsible for the stress on the eggs and the chicken meat, were also processed into feed for the pig fattening, once again shows that there are numerous weak points in food production. Controls, surveillance and entrepreneurial responsibility, as the BfR expert demands in the interests of consumers, were obviously no way to prevent the scandal. (fp)

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