Dioxin eggs from pesticides?

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Dioxin eggs from pesticides? Dioxin levels were exceeded 164 times

The actual cause of the animal feed contaminated with dioxin has very probably been found. According to the consumer protection organization “Foodwatch”, the dioxin residues are “highly likely” to come from plant protection products. The organization relies on an analysis that was undertaken in the Harles and Jentzsch company. In the company, samples were taken at the forwarding agency belonging to the company. “This frequency analysis of various dioxin and furan compounds in the sample, which is available at foodwatch, indicates residues of a chlorophenol compound as used as a fungicide. Other possible sources of dioxins, such as heating processes, can therefore be largely excluded. The analyzed fat sample was loaded with 123 nanograms of dioxin per kilogram - the legal maximum of 0.75 ng / kg was exceeded 164 times, ”says Foodwatch.

No official confirmation for the results
The Federal Ministry of Agriculture did not want to comment on the results of consumer protection. A spokesman for the Ministry of Agriculture in Schleswig-Holstein told the NDR that there is currently no official confirmation for this information. The state-run investigations are still ongoing. Foodwatch, however, claims that these results are already available. According to the consumer initiative, certain chemical compounds indicate residues of a pentachlorophenol compound as used as a fungal poison. This connection may no longer be established in Germany since 1986. Since 1989, trading and use has no longer been permitted by law. The consumer protection organization also determined that the legally prescribed dioxin value in the evaluated samples was exceeded by 164 times.

Serious failures of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture
Foodwatch accuses Federal Minister of Agriculture Ilse Aigner of massive omissions. Before meeting with representatives of the feed industry this Monday, foodwatch managing director Thilo Bode asked Federal Consumer Minister Ilse Aigner to finally tackle the obvious shortcomings in feed production at their roots. “The current diversionary debates around approval rules for feed companies or a separation between the production of feed and industrial fats only prevent a real solution. Ms. Aigner only covers the toxic mixers in the feed industry with her proposals, instead of closing the obvious security gaps in the system, as would be her job, "criticized Foodwatch chairman Thilo Bode." The minister has to legally oblige companies, every batch of everyone To test the feed ingredient itself for dioxin and to prove this to the authorities. If the limit is exceeded, the batch must be destroyed. Only such a test and disposal obligation for companies creates the necessary feed and food safety - because state inspectors, even if there are ten Times as many as before, can only ever take samples. "

Today crisis meeting in Berlin
To advise on the consequences, the Federal Minister of Agriculture Augner meets with top representatives of agricultural producers today. According to the minister, she is expecting “concrete proposals” to prevent food contaminated with Dixion in the future. Aigner himself suggests increasing the security of the feed chain. Aigner told the Süddeutsche Zeitung (SZ) that "one had to clarify whether certain companies that supply feed raw materials had to be subject to a stricter licensing requirement". For their part, the farmers are calling for an aid fund financed by the feed industry to compensate for the losses. However, the minister was reluctant to do so.

High levels of dioxins were not noticed in controls
According to Foodwatch, even in the current case, the high burdens caused by official controls in July 2010 were not noticed, although according to Foodwatch the dioxin values ​​had been known to the feed company since March last year. So far, there is no legal obligation for companies to carry out tests themselves. "A test and disposal obligation for the companies also prevents the widespread, illegal practice of mixing individual batches that are too highly loaded with other ingredients in order to keep the total load of the compound feed below the permissible limit", said foodwatch managing director Bode. (Foodwatch, sb )

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