Animals suffer from stress on New Year's Eve

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Four paws: Animals suffer massive stress on New Year's Eve.

New Year's Eve is a real horror for animals. Firecrackers and flare rockets terrify the animals. As the animal protection organization “Vier Pfoten” explained, animals often react panicked and with symptoms such as diarrhea and vomiting. If possible, dog owners should keep dogs on a leash a few days before New Year's Eve in order to reduce panic reactions from firers that have already ignited.

New Year's Eve puts animals in massive stressful situations. "They often react in panic, sometimes with physical symptoms such as diarrhea," warns the animal protection organization "Four Paws". Firecrackers and flares are fired a few days beforehand. For this reason, it makes sense to keep a dog on a leash outside to prevent panic attacks and escape. "Neither dogs nor cats should be left unattended on New Year's Eve," explained Johanna Stadler of "Vier Pfoten". "Small animals, cats or birds survive New Year's Eve best if they are housed in a quiet room with closed and darkened windows. Under no circumstances should the animals stay home on New Year's Eve."

It is best for dogs to be near people they are familiar with. However, dogs should not be taken outdoors during the turn of the year. If the dogs shiver and are particularly anxious, the animals should not be comforted or petted. Because this reaction to the behavior of the dog triggers a confirmation of the animal's feelings of fear. "Stay calm and relaxed, ignore the fearful behavior as much as possible - this will radiate the necessary security," explained the animal expert. If the animals are very sensitive and gentle, tranquilizers have already proven themselves. The medicines are available from a veterinarian on request "When pouring lead, pet owners should make sure that their animal never comes into contact with the water used for this, as this can cause severe lead poisoning."

New Year's Eve hits also wild animals
Firecrackers and flares also pollute wild animals in the forest and in the field. Under no circumstances should such products be ignited in forests, parks and green spaces. The organization generally advises animal lovers to refrain from using fireworks and instead to donate the money to charity. "We will certainly do our pets the greatest favor if we spend New Year's Eve with them in a familiar and quiet environment." (sb)

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