Cannabis control: online test shows risks

Control over smoking: In an online self-test, young people can check whether they still have their cannabis consumption under control.

From now on, teenagers can anonymously test whether they still have their cannabis use under control. For this purpose, young consumers have to answer 24 questions on an online portal of the Federal Center for Health Education (BzgA).

It is extremely difficult for parents, teachers and social workers to talk to young people about drug use to highlight the dangers of drug use. Because most young people do not speak openly about their drug experiences. But the internet offers the opportunity to reach and educate young people. The Federal Center for Health Education also knows this and has therefore opened an online portal called "". With this offer, the kids can answer 24 questions anonymously.

In the test, users are asked, for example, when and in what circumstances they took the drugs. They also ask why and how they are generally satisfied with their life situation. After answering the questions, a risk result is listed. The users can then see how high their risk of psychological addiction is. In addition, the stated reasons are analyzed and shown in which situations the user has reached for cannabis intoxication. In the end, numerous addresses are given where the young people can get help. The test consists of 24 questions and takes approximately 10 minutes. The IP address is saved when you visit the website, but according to the legal notice of the offer, the data is only used to collect access statistics and later deleted. Young people can therefore be sure that no legal guardian will be contacted after answering the questions. This is important because otherwise the self-test will lose its effect on adolescents. (sb)

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