Most broken bones occur in January

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Most broken bones occur in Bavaria in January

In Bavaria, especially in the month of January, an increase in bone fractures can be observed, as the statutory health insurance technician (TK) announced on Monday in Munich. With around 3000 fractures and fractures, the number of treatments in clinics is 20 percent higher on average than in the remaining eleven months of the year.

Whether on slippery roads or on the ski slope, broken bones accumulate in Bavaria in January. With around 3,000 treatments, most hospital cases occur in the first month of the year due to fractures, for example on the arms, legs, ribs or spine. The remaining months saw an average of 20 percent fewer medical treatments for broken bones and fractures. This is indicated by the Techniker Krankenkasse (TK) in relation to a current evaluation among the insured persons of the Bavarian alternative insurance companies over the past four years.

Older people in particular are at risk
Broken bones mainly affect older patients and people with weak bone structure (osteoporosis). In January 2010 alone, almost 2,000 of the hospital patients with broken bones were older than 60 years. Young people can prevent this disease by consuming a lot of milk products with a high calcium content or drinking calcium-rich water every day. This is how you can prevent weak bones at a later age, as the TK announced.

Non-slip shoes and walking aids offer protection against broken bones
The health insurance company recommends older people to wear non-slip shoes on slippery and icy roads. To avoid an accident on icy roads, spikes on the shoes and walking aids are also recommended. But no matter how old you are, if you regularly train your muscles and your balance, you move safely on roads and can best reduce the risk of breaking your bones. The Techniker Krankenkasse refers to the evaluation of insured data from the alternative insurance companies, in which over three million people in Bavaria have health insurance. (sb)

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