New Year's Eve accidents: head injuries most common

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DAK: Every year thousands of rockets and blasters injure themselves

Burns, hearing damage, eye and head injuries - in the last days of the year, several thousand people in Germany injure themselves with fireworks. At the DAK alone, around 3000 insured persons had to receive medical attention last year because of a New Year's Eve accident.

New Year's Eve party in the hospital "The happy bang often ends in the emergency room," says Elisabeth Thomas, a doctor at the DAK. "Head injuries are the most common." Often, the accident is not even a fault. Because many do not pay attention to where they throw the firecrackers: "The cracks whiz past you all over the place," says Thomas. "But they are not only dangerous if you get hit by them, but also if they explode next to you."

Hearing damage caused by a firecracker explosion New Year's Eve firers who start in the immediate vicinity can be louder than jackhammer and can permanently damage hearing. "Fired rockets can be as loud as a jet plane two meters away," says Elisabeth Thomas. “Such impulse noise is more harmful than permanent noise. Earplugs can help here. "

Cooling burns immediately If you hold the firecrackers in your hand for too long and do not throw them away in time, you risk burns on your hands and fingers. "In this case, cool the wound immediately under running cold water, preferably 20 minutes and longer," advises the DAK doctor. "If the burn is greater or the skin blisters, you should go to the doctor. Bleeding wounds need to be bandaged. "

Often it catches the eye Eye injuries are also common on New Year's Eve. If the eye has been hit, it is best to immediately wipe it with a clean cloth and call the emergency doctor. If possible, do not remove foreign objects on your own. If you want to be on the safe side, you should wear safety glasses outside.

Children particularly at risk "New Years Eve has a special appeal for children," says Thomas. "However, they are particularly at risk." Especially the school children who want to party and look forward to the firecracker and the fireworks often overestimate themselves. Many smaller ones are also simply overlooked. "The best thing for children to do is not to ignite firecrackers or to run around alone in the evenings on New Year's Eve," advises the expert. "Also only let sparklers burn in the presence of adults." Special caution also applies on New Year's Day: Many children like to collect firecrackers or rockets that have not been lit. But these can still explode.

Tips for the correct handling of firecrackers and rockets: - Use firecrackers and rockets only outdoors. Never fire missiles under canopies or trees.
- Never hold on to fired firecrackers or rockets, never throw them towards people, animals or objects.
- Always keep sufficient distance from firecrackers and missiles. Use earplugs as hearing protection and, if necessary, safety glasses for the eyes.
- Do not fire firecrackers and rockets from windows or balconies.
- Stand with children away from the crowds.
- Read the operating instructions carefully before igniting the fireworks.
- Never pick up unexploded ordnance, as these can still explode.

First aid in an emergency:
- In the event of burns, cool the affected areas with cold running water for at least 20 minutes. Do not put powder or ointments in the open wounds, do not pierce the blisters!
- Cover an injured eye with a clean cloth and connect. If possible, do not remove foreign objects on your own.
- Do not pull out larger fragments or other foreign bodies in the body and call the emergency doctor. Otherwise there may be uncontrolled bleeding.
- If the ear is injured and blood is running out, go to the doctor immediately! (Dak, pm)

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