Health insurance companies: Students pay 21 percent more

Health insurance companies: Students pay 21 percent more: At the turn of the year, students have to prepare for significantly higher health insurance contributions. In the summer semester of 2011, the health insurance contributions for students rose by 21 percent.

From 2011, students will have to prepare for significantly higher health insurance contributions. According to the Federal Ministry of Health, the contributions of the statutory health insurance increase by 21 percent. From the first of January 2011, students will pay 55.55 euros a month. As of the summer semester, an increase in the contribution to 64.77 euros is planned. A student's previous contribution was 53.40 euros per month. As a result of the gradual increase, the Bafög increase that has just been decided is canceled out by higher cash contributions. The joy of a higher one

For students who have completed the 14 semester or 30 years of age, a uniform contribution rate from the statutory health insurance companies will apply from 2011. The contribution is based on the regular contribution rate of the health insurance companies. The rate of statutory health insurers increased from 14.9 to 15.5 percent at the turn of the year. In the course of the increase, the contributions for students will also be increased.

Higher health insurance contributions undermine the Bafög increase
After a long struggle in the Federal Council after an increase in the Bafög rates, it was decided for the winter semester to raise the maximum Bafög rate to 670 euros per month. Depending on the amount of the funding, the health insurance contribution is also determined from the beginning of the year. On average, the Bafög rate was raised by 13 euros per month per student. From the summer semester in April 2011, this increase in funding will be taken from the students again by the higher cash contribution. So if you get more Bafög from next year, you have to pay more into health insurance.

Older students in particular pay higher contributions
Older students are particularly affected by the increase. Most students are between 25 and 30 years old. Those who are younger are usually covered by the parents' family insurance. If a student is older than 30 years and has already studied for more than 14 semesters, health insurance may no longer be chosen specifically for students. According to this, voluntary insurance with the health insurance companies or private health insurance is possible for those affected. The minimum rate for voluntary health insurance from the statutory health insurance companies will cost € 126.90 per month from 2011. (sb)

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