Active ingredients in milk protect against diabetes

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Active ingredients in milk protect against diabetes: US researchers have found a natural active ingredient in milk that is likely to lower the risk of diabetes. According to the study results, regular milk drinkers have a 60 percent lower risk of developing type II diabetes.

During a study, scientists at the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston discovered a natural substance that can significantly reduce the risk of type II diabetes. If the test subjects had a high value of the so-called trans-palmitoleic milk substance, the risk of illness decreased by 60 percent. As the researchers further reported, the already known connection between a milk-rich diet and the lower incidence of diabetes can now be explained. The research results can now be used to develop an active ingredient from milk fatty acid in the future in order to use it specifically against type II diabetes. For this, however, further research work would have to be carried out in which the new findings are used, as the research team led by Dariush Mozaffarian from the Harvard School of Public Health reported in the scientific journal "Annals of Internal Medicine".

Long-term study actually examined cardiovascular diseases
The results are based on an evaluation of a long-term medical study in which a total of 3,736 women and men participated and which was carried out over several years. The real aim of the study, however, was a completely different one. In itself, the main goal was to research risk factors for cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack and high blood pressure. Therefore, the scientists also examined blood sugar levels and the insulin level of the participants during the course of the study to clarify signs of diabetes. The content of different fatty acids in the blood was also recorded. The researchers also took a closer look at the trans-palmitoleic fatty acid content in the test subjects' blood. This fatty acid cannot be produced independently by the human organism. Therefore, this special lactic acid has to be supplied to the body through various milk products such as cheese, milk and yoghurt.

The higher the percentage of lactic acid, the cheaper the blood and cholesterol values. When the data were subsequently evaluated, the researchers found that there must be a clear context between the lactic acid content in the blood of the study participants and the health parameters. Because the higher the values ​​of lactic acid, the lower the cholesterol values ​​and the cheaper the values ​​for inflammation markers and insulin. At the end of the course of the study, the scientists found that those who had a particularly high trans-palmitoleic value in the blood were also particularly rarely affected by diabetes. "The difference was immense, almost threefold," said Dariush Mozaffarian in the science magazine.

The data obtained should now provide a basis for further research. The data obtained would now have to be examined more closely in order to substantiate the results more clearly. The mechanism must now be examined in more detail in order to determine the potential for possible lactic acid therapy as a prevention or treatment. The results of the study provide information for the first time on why people who consume many milk products are much less likely to develop diabetes. "Previous studies on this could only ever say that it was so, but never why," emphasized Dariush Mozaffarian. It will take a few years before an active ingredient can actually be designed. A glass of milk a day for diabetes prevention can already be recommended.

Diabetes on the way to widespread disease
According to the latest estimates, at least nine million people in Germany suffer from type II diabetes. However, the number of unreported cases is likely to be significantly higher, since many people do not yet know about their illness. In contrast to Type I, Type II develops over the course of a lifetime. Due to the increasing unhealthy lifestyle in the western industrialized nations, more and more young people are contracting diabetes. In order to be effective in preventing diabetes, it is necessary to exercise a lot, instead of using white flour instead of whole grains and eating more vegetables. According to the study results, it is probably also advantageous to consume dairy products regularly. (sb)

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