Health Warning of Legal Highs Drugs

Legal highs endanger health

Drug officers and police authorities warn of the health effects of legal highs drugs, which are freely available in stores

The Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) and the federal government's drug commissioner Mechthild Dyckmans (FDP) are currently warning against the use of so-called "legal highs". The use of semi-legal drugs creates numerous health risks, according to a statement released monthly.

The Federal Criminal Police Office and the federal government's drug commissioner Mechthild Dyckmans (FDP) have warned of health risks through so-called legal highs. Although the substances are legally available in so-called "head shops", there are clear indications that the added substances pose considerable health risks. The products are offered in specialty shops as fragrance pollinators, bath salts or herbal mixtures. However, the actual use is intended to be used as a purported legal alternative to banned drugs. In early December of this year, for example, it became known that numerous adolescents had to be admitted to a clinic because they inhaled the over-the-counter herbal mixture "Lava Red". In addition, numerous health experts said that the substances have a high risk of addiction.

The products are mostly declared harmless and legal by the manufacturers. However, according to analyzes, the police authorities repeatedly find chemically composed and anesthetic active ingredients that are not shown on the packaging. "There are incalculable health risks associated with consumption," said drug officer Dyckmans. It usually takes a long time before the products are banned. But the authorities can hardly keep up with the flood of new "legal highs". If a product has been banned, a new one will appear on the market.

Consumers smoke, sniff or swallow the products to get high. The Federal Criminal Police Office is now aware of numerous cases in which mostly young people had to be taken to a clinic after eating or smoking with sometimes severe and life-threatening poisoning. The patients often complained of cardiovascular complaints, abdominal pain, confusion, loss of consciousness, psychosis, muscle breakdown or acute kidney failure. (sb)

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