Conventional medicine and naturopathy go hand in hand

Film tip: conventional medicine and naturopathy hand in hand

Today's first television program is broadcasting the film "The Secret of Healing - How Ancient Knowledge Changes Medicine" on Wednesday at half past eleven. The content is about linking modern evidence-based medicine and the knowledge of old naturopathy. The film shows patient examples, interviews experts in traditional and modern medicine and allows cross-method representatives to speak.

Certainly, modern medicine is being pushed to its limits diagnostically and therapeutically by persistent mass complaints such as back pain or depression. The film could help to bring a meaningful complement of different views and methods into the public eye, making effective treatment and diagnosis options more accessible for many in the future.

The book on film, which is a joint project by Knaurs Mens Sana and Das ERSTE, was written by the book and film author, Joachim Faulstich. Faulstich has already initiated other projects such as "Das Innere Land" in the same area. He specializes in films in the field of border sciences or the combination of conventional and naturopathic medicine. Faulhaber himself states that he has completed training in acoustically induced trance techniques. It will be interesting to see what the film brings. After broadcast this evening, the film is also available for 25 euros (incl. Shipping) from hr-online. On January 31 of the next year it will be broadcast again on 3sat at 20.15. (tf, 12/15/2010)

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