New Year's resolution: less stress

New Year's resolution: According to a survey, most people want less stress for the coming year.

The majority of Thuringians want less stress in their personal and professional lives in the coming year. This was the result of a recent survey by the German Employee Health Insurance Fund (DAK). According to the survey by the Forsa Institute, 62 percent of the people said that they want less stress for the new year 2011.

Stress and supposedly acute lack of time are becoming increasingly prevalent in Germany. Stress-related illnesses such as cardiovascular diseases and depression have increased significantly in the past ten years. It's no wonder that a majority advocates less stress and more time spent on themselves.

Every second respondent also stated that in the future they would eat more healthily. 46 percent of the study participants want to exercise more in the coming year and spend more time for themselves. The classic "quit smoking" was much less represented in the survey. Only 15 percent said they gave up smoking at the turn of the year. This may also be due to the fact that fewer and fewer people have been using a cigarette for a few years now. 12 percent of Thuringians want to drink less alcohol.

About 200 people were interviewed in Thuringia for the nationwide survey. Comparing the country results, Thuringian citizens are characterized above all by a high degree of perseverance in the resolutions. Around 57 percent stated that they had endured last year's resolutions for at least three months or even for a whole year. Only in the federal states of Brandenburg with 60 percent and in Schleswig-Holstein (59 percent) were there slightly more. (sb, December 15, 2010)

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