Citizen insurance instead of a flat rate per head

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DGB presents citizens' insurance

Reform commission on the concept of health insurance in Germany: Citizens' insurance instead of a flat rate

The reform commission "For a solidary health care system of the future" launched by the German Trade Union Confederation (DGB) presented its final report on Monday.

Shortly before the CDU / CSU and FDP legislative procedure for health reform in the Federal Council was completed, the “Joint Declaration” of the commission from trade unions, associations and science was presented to the Prime Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia, Hannelore Kraft. In it, the commission opposes the government's plans for a head allowance in statutory health insurance (GKV) and calls for solidarity-based financing to be expanded to include social security.

"Citizens' insurance is demonstrably the superior alternative, because this is the only way to cure the chronic income weakness of statutory health insurance in a sustainable and socially just way," said DGB board member Annelie Buntenbach when the report was presented. The Commission proposes to expand the statutory health insurance system as a solidarity system for all citizens, to expand the assessment bases and to include capital income for this. The funding of contributions should again be organized equally. A combination of the options for citizens' insurance listed in the report enables financial flexibility that corresponds to a reduction in the contribution rate of 2.2 percentage points. Buntenbach emphasized that the 70 million insured could also be spared the increase in contributions planned by the coalition on January 1, 2011.

The commission has sharply criticized the planned entry into the head allowance by the federal government. “The head allowance is not sustainable, but is dangerous from a health policy perspective and is extremely unfair. If the federal government freezes the employer's contribution, the insured must pay all future cost increases in the SHI solely through per diems. The head flat rate hits low earners and pensioners the hardest. Health Minister Rösler is not the minister of the insured, but the godfather of the employers and the insurance groups, ”said Buntenbach.

According to the Commission's calculations, an additional average flat rate of 56 euros per month would be due for all insured persons by 2020 if the statutory health insurance expenditure was only two percent above the income. In 2025 it would be an additional 97 euros per month, then all SHI members would be entitled to tax compensation. Average earners with an income of 2,500 euros would have to pay at least 600 euros a year without a cent compensation in addition to the monthly health insurance contribution of 205 euros.

The Reform Commission wants to use the coming years for a broad social debate about the future of health insurance. Further steps for the concrete implementation of the individual elements of citizens' insurance are planned for next year. (pm, Dec 13, 2010)

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