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Lava Red can be addictive and endanger health: Drug experts, police and psychologists warn: The health effects of the new fashion drug "Lava Red" can hardly be estimated today. There are signs that the herbal drug has a high potential for dependency. Some adolescents had to be treated in hospital after using the drug.

In so-called "head shops", a herbal mixture called "Lava red" is currently offered. According to the manufacturer, the herbal mixture is supposed to be used as a "room fragrance mixture" or for "meditation". But especially young people do not use Lava Red to create a pleasant room fragrance. Rather, the mixture is used for inhalation to produce a high. Many young people assume that smoking the mixture is completely harmless. But according to the head of the addiction clinic "Teen Spirit Island" in the children's hospital on the Bult in Hanover, Prof. Christoph Möller, the use of the previously legal drug is even life-threatening. “The artificial cannabis ingredient is very likely to be addictive. It intervenes in brain metabolism and mental development, ”explained psychiatrist Möller. Again and again adolescents have to be admitted to a clinic because they inhaled the mixture and suffered from severe circulatory disorders and other complaints.

In the meantime, the police authorities have also become aware of the "drug". The State Criminal Police Office in Hanover is currently investigating various providers of Lava Red. A few days ago, two adolescents aged 15 and 16 with massive circulatory disorders had to be brought in after smoking "LavaRed". In Wolfsburg, the cannabis-like mixture has already been sold to a 12-year-old. Here, too, the police are already investigating the dealer.

"Lava Red" consists of dried plant substances that are sprayed with an artificially produced cannabinoid. In contrast to the already forbidden mixture "Spice", Lava Red has not yet been banned, but has currently developed into the "legal" successor drug. "It is a nationwide phenomenon that more and more herbal mixtures are being offered that can trigger a high," explains Frank Federau from the Lower Saxony State Criminal Police Office. All of these mixtures contain synthetically produced cannabinoids that can harm the body. But the investigators are barely able to take all the alleged herbal mixtures off the market. Because, "if such a building block is discovered and is prohibited, the manufacturer changes a building block in its chemical composition and offers the substance under a different name," explains the official.

Long-term consequences of Lava Red have hardly been investigated The long-term consequences of Lava Red have so far hardly been investigated. The effects of the herbal mixture are still unexplored and therefore highly questionable. Each pack is examined individually in the laboratory by the State Criminal Police Office in order to analyze the actual ingredients. "We assume that the manufacturers deliberately circumvent the Narcotics Act", because according to the State Criminal Police Office "deliberately incorrect information on use is given. The recommended price should also make you wonder. Because nobody pays 10 euros per gram to buy a bath additive or smoked goods. Therefore the State Criminal Police Office is of the opinion. In several internet forums, the mixture is encouraged to be sold and reports of intoxication are reported. This is the only way that potential buyers come up with the idea of ​​using the product for inhalation and intoxication. The representations in the forums, however, are almost always trivializing and glossing over. You will hardly find any negative experiences or health restrictions in the relevant portals.

The consequences of consumption are clearly underestimated by young people in particular. Above all, there is a high risk of overdosing. Lava Red is already known in the child and adolescent psychiatry of the children's hospital "Auf der Bult". Young consumers have often had to be brought in, some with considerable complaints. In addition to nausea, vomiting and severe circulatory disorders up to loss of consciousness, the remedy can also trigger life-threatening symptoms such as cardiac arrhythmia, changes in perception and panic attacks. In addition, there is a high search potential for young people who are still in the development phase. According to the psychiatrist Möller, synthetic cannabinoids massively interfere with brain metabolism and can also disrupt psychological development.

Parents and doctors are now asking why the substance has not yet been banned. This is because the substances must first be clearly proven. Only then can the products be classified as harmful and be included in the Narcotics Act. If a mixture has been banned, the manufacturers change the chemical formula and set up a new variant with a new name.

Health effects of Lava Red Smoking "Lava red" can lead to shortness of breath, cramps, visual disturbances, nausea, sweating, dangerous cardiac arrhythmias and loss of consciousness, according to the current warning of the poison information center. Even long-standing stoners were very amazed at the effect in corresponding online forums. According to some users, this sometimes reminds less of marijuana but rather of hard chemical substances. Particularly dangerous for young people, because the substances usually have an even stronger effect on their metabolism and are also less mentally stable, so that the corresponding effect can have far-reaching consequences on the psyche of the adolescents. The association with marijuana also has a fatal effect. Because while the effects of cannabis, which is already very strong today, can still be controlled to some extent, the dangerous mix of chemical substances with the various herbs can have extreme health consequences, according to the experts.

First aid measures If affected persons or relatives experience the negative consequences, a doctor should be informed immediately. As a first aid measure until the doctor arrives, plenty of water should be given if the person is still conscious. If the person affected is passed out, a stable side position should be carried out until the emergency services arrive. Relatives should have a calming effect on the patient to prevent panic attacks. (sb)

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