No stress for Christmas

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DAK study: The majority do not experience Christmas as stress

According to a survey by the health insurance company DAK, German families were not stressed before Christmas. Three quarters of those surveyed experience relaxing holidays.

Christmas is just around the corner, many are hurrying to buy gifts, looking for Christmas recipes, baking cookies and planning Christmas parties for the family and the company. One could assume that many people experience stress just those days before Christmas. But according to a survey by the DAK, the opposite is exactly the case. Most families manage to deal with the hustle and bustle at Christmas relatively relaxed. 77 percent of Germans said they are currently experiencing relaxed days despite numerous tasks.

Fathers (81 percent) and parents with children under six years of age (81 percent) were particularly relaxed. Overall, more mothers said they had stressful times before Christmas (18 percent, fathers 11 percent). Parents with children between the ages of 13 and 19 are also more likely to suffer from stress.

For everyone else, the DAK graduate psychologist Frank Meiners gives good advice: "Treat yourself to something during this time and take some time for yourself. Even Christmas preparations can be a good way to switch off." The polling institute "Forsa" led a representative survey of 1,000 parents of children under the age of 18 for the health insurance company throughout Germany. (sb, 07.12.2010)

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