High Rate Of Aces Cancer Coincidence?

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High rate of aces cancer a statistical coincidence? SPD, Greens and environmentalists criticize the attitude of the federal government.

Is the measured increased rate of cancer in the region around the ailing nuclear waste repository "Asse II" just a "statistical accident"? At least that is what a first statement by the federal government claims. One sees "no recognizable connection". For environmentalists, this is a statement in terms of extending the lifespan of nuclear facilities in Germany. "It must not be what should not be." The opposition party SPD, Left and Greens also voiced clear criticism.

In a first statement, the federal government emphasized that the accumulation of leukemia and thyroid cancer in the area of ​​the dilapidated nuclear waste storage facility "Asse II" is based on statistical coincidence. "According to the results of the surveillance surveys, the observed increase in the entire municipality of Asse cannot be explained by the radiation exposure from the Asse," says a response to the Bundestag request by the Green Party deputy Bärbel Höhn. Höhn had asked the black and yellow coalition whether there is a connection between the increased cancer and the Asse nuclear camp. Promptly there was clear criticism. The SPD faction deputy Hubertus Heil warned the government against trivializing the increased cancer rate. "That has to be examined properly," Heil told radio station "FFN". Deputy Green Group leader Stefan Wenzel described the first statement as "brave". Despite the statements of the Ministry of Environment, a possible connection has not been refuted. State Secretary for the Environment Ursula Heinen-Esser (CDU) said that the radiation dose was "about 10,000 times higher" than currently observed. Only then can the observed increase in diseases be explained with radiation.

The Greens, however, called for an independent investigation to be convened. Wenzel said: "It is essential that the investigations are carried out on the spot, and local politicians and experts from the citizens' initiatives must also be involved." Wenzel also asked the Federal Environment Minister Röttgen to demonstrate that the federal radiation protection commission only deals with the investigations by experts independent of the nuclear industry. "After the previous disaster, it must be ruled out that people with corresponding financial or institutional dependencies are involved." Wenzel also demands that the personnel files of the former Asse employees and the external companies involved are checked for completeness. Samples had to be used to determine whether "critical" medical files had been removed or withheld from the old operator. It is striking that the personnel files were only made available after a long delay after the change of operator.

"Nuclear opponents and environmentalists also testify in a new statement that" it must not be what should not be ". "In a legislative period in which terms are extended and more and more nuclear waste is generated, nuclear power must not suddenly make people ill. The Childhood Cancer Study (KIKK) has shown the connection between proximity to a nuclear power plant and cancer risk! A recent IPPNW study also said that there are fewer births around nuclear power plants. ”For environmentalists, it is clear that the increased rate of cancer is no accident.

126,000 barrels of low and medium-level nuclear waste are stored in the mine. A statistical survey showed that the disease rate in the region around the Asse II camp is many times higher than the national average. Greens, environmentalists and residents have been calling for the decommissioned facility to be shut down for years. (sb)

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