Snoring: warning of metabolic syndrome

According to a study, loud snoring is the first indication of metabolic syndrome

According to the study results, loud snoring can be a first indication of a metabolic syndrome. The “deadly quartet”, as the syndrome is also known in general, is now considered a crucial risk factor for coronary heart diseases, for example. The metabolic syndrome is associated with a variety of metabolic disorders, disorders of blood pressure regulation and obesity.

Loud breathing noises during sleep first warnings
According to a study by the University of Pittsburgh, loud snoring indicates a metabolic syndrome. Breathing noises during sleep therefore more than double the probability of this disorder. Problems with falling asleep are also characteristic and are also regarded as an indication. The syndrome is considered a major risk for serious diseases such as diabetes, heart attack and stroke. To specify the diagnosis, just three health-threatening factors are sufficient: a large abdominal circumference, high blood pressure, high blood sugar levels, a low level of positive HDL cholesterol and high blood fat levels (triglycerides).

During the course of the study, scientists and doctors from the University of Pittsburgh examined 800 adult subjects. Here, the researchers initially focused on whether the participants suffer from sleep disorders. About every seventh subject developed sleep problems during the course of the study. Loud snoring increased the risk of a metabolic syndrome by a factor of 2.3. The respiratory tract is disturbed by snoring and the body's metabolism is also affected, as the scientists in the science magazine “Sleep” suspect. Those who had difficulty falling asleep showed an increased risk factor of 80 percent. Continued waking up at night had no direct impact on the metabolic syndrome, according to study results.

Treatment options for metabolic syndrome
If a medical diagnosis has been made for a metabolic symptom, the therapy begins with a significant change in the patient's previous lifestyle. In order to lower blood lipid levels, body weight and abdominal circumference should be significantly reduced. A low-fat and healthy diet must be on the menu. White flour should be replaced with whole grains. Those affected should avoid meat if possible and eat more fish and vegetables. The change in diet can delay diabetes and cardiovascular diseases for as long as possible. The second therapeutic approach is a significant increase in physical exercise. At least 30 minutes a day and at least three times a week, those affected should actively exercise and, if possible, exercise under medical supervision. If those affected change their way of life, loud snoring generally also ceases. (sb)

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