Premium increase in long-term care insurance expected

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AOK expects higher long-term care insurance contributions

Due to the increasing number of people in need of long-term care in Germany, the chief executive of the Federal Association of General Local Health Insurance Companies (AOK) expects higher contributions to statutory long-term care insurance in the future.

(06.12.2010) The chairman of the board of the Federal Association of AOK Health Insurance Funds, Herbert Reichelt, expects "moderate" premium increases in nursing care insurance in about three years. Reichelt said in an interview with the newspaper "Die Welt": "The financial reserves will probably only last until spring 2014. Then there will have to be a moderate increase in premiums". The reason for this is that there will be more and more people in Germany who are in need of care. Due to the demographic change, diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer's will increase significantly. "At the same time, we want to provide better care for everyone with dementia. This is one of the reasons why long-term care insurance needs more money," explained Reichelt.

In addition, the head of the association of the largest association of statutory health insurers asked the black-and-yellow coalition to leave the planned capital cover in the long-term care insurance to the statutory health insurers. "If you want to introduce capital cover, then this must be done within the framework of the statutory long-term care insurance". In this way, it can be ensured that capital coverage and pay-as-you-go financing work together.

Nursing care insurance is a social insurance that covers the costs of nursing care in the event of need. The contribution rate is currently 1.95 percent on average. Long-term care insurance is financed equally, which means that contributions are paid in equal shares by employees and employers (0.975 percent each). (sb)

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