Bremen Trade Health Insurance Company pays a premium of 60 euros

The statutory commercial health insurance company in Bremen pays a 60 euro premium to its insured. Additional contributions are also excluded for 2011.

While other statutory health insurance companies have to collect additional contributions from their insured persons, the commercial health insurance company Bremen (HKK) announces that it will continue to pay a premium of EUR 60 to its contributors in 2012. The Board of Directors unanimously decided the premium for the insured specifically for this purpose. This is the third time in a row that the health insurance company has paid premiums to its customers.

In spring 2010, the HKK insured were able to enjoy a premium. The till had sent 220.00 checks to its members with the repayment of the premium for 2009. The next payment of a premium will be made in spring 2011. And for the following year, the health insurance fund members can look forward to a premium and, like other health insurers, must fear additional premiums. According to the HKK, this is possible because the health insurance company has done a good job and can “traditionally” look back on debt free and low administrative costs. As the HKK CEO Michael Lempe emphasized, the distribution of the premium will compensate for the increase in the cash contributions decided by the Federal Government from January 14, 2011 from 14.9 to 15.5 percent. With the planned repayment of the contribution by hkk in the total amount of 14 million euros, you can fully or at least partially compensate for the additional burden. Of the 14 million. € 11.9 million will be distributed to hkk customers in Bremen and northwestern Lower Saxony alone.

The repayment of the premium applies to all contributors to the health insurance. However, this rule does not apply to insured persons who have health insurance through family co-insurance, for example. The premium is delivered automatically, so a separate application is not necessary.

The Bremen Trade Health Insurance Company, as a relatively small and regionally anchored health insurance company, shows the big GK insurance companies. Thanks to good health services and premium payments, membership growth was achieved. The number of insured persons increased by 24,000 new members in 2010. This means that around 335,000 people are insured in the HKK. "In 2010 we saw membership growth of over 9 percent, a record result for the HKK," reports Lempe in Bremen on Monday. In addition to the premium, the board assures that, unlike other health insurance companies, no additional contributions will be made in 2011 either. Accordingly, it can be assumed that other citizens will switch to the HKK Bremen. (sb)

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