Ministry of Environment: Ace cancer rate pure coincidence

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The Ministry of Environment sees the Asse cancer rate as a statistical accident

For the first time, the Federal Environment Ministry has positioned itself on the increased cancer rate around the ailing “Asse” nuclear waste storage facility. The Ministry of Environment believes that the higher rate of cancer compared to the rest of the country is “pure coincidence”. Based on statistical evaluations alone, no connection can be explained.

According to the latest evaluations, an increased rate of leukemia and thyroid cancer cases was measured around the heavily criticized Asse II nuclear waste storage facility. Environmentalists see the results as confirmation that the dilapidated Asse II complex is causing lasting damage to the health of the people in the region. To date, there has been controversy over the extent to which the plant's nuclear waste actually emits radioactive radiation.

However, according to the latest statements, the Federal Government is now ruling out a recognizable connection between the cancerous diseases in the region and the camp. The parliamentary environmental state secretary Ursula Heinen-Esser (CDU) said to a Bundestag request from the Greens that the rising cancer rates in the Asse community "cannot be explained by the radiation exposure from the Asse". After initial investigations, the German government came to the conclusion that the high cancer rates in the small region would "inevitably be subject to strong statistical fluctuations". With such analyzes, higher rates of cancer cases could be found "solely on the basis of statistical randomness", since relatively few people live in the community. "In order to be able to explain the observed increase with radiation, the available scientific knowledge about the development of corresponding cancer diseases would require the dose to be approximately 10,000 times higher than observed," wrote the employee of the environment ministry in the present statement.

In view of this government statement, the parliamentary group of Alliance 90 / The Greens was bitterly disappointed. Environmental policy spokeswoman Dorothea Steiner (Greens) said that the federal government wanted to minimize the fears and concerns of the people in the region. People are not taken seriously.

While environmental associations and medical organizations see the figures as evidence of a health hazard for people, the Federal Office for Radiation Protection (BfS) indicated after the data was released that there was no “causal connection” between the illnesses and the low radiation exposure. Such a connection can “currently not be proven”. Last week it was publicly known that there were about twice as many cases of blood cancer in the vicinity of the nuclear repository. The number of thyroid cancer is even three times higher than the average national comparison. (sb)

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