Lemonades favor gout risk

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High fructose content increases gout risk

Lemonades and fruit juice drinks can increase the risk of gout disease. The reason for this is the high fructose content in the drinks.

(06.12.2010) Anyone who drinks a lot of lemonades, orange juice and other fruit juices increases the risk of developing gout. Because in high doses the fructose contained in the drinks is not completely absorbed in the intestine. This results in complaints such as abdominal pain, severe flatulence and even diarrhea. Sweet lemonades or orange juice also increase the risk of developing gout. A glass of orange juice is enough to significantly increase the risk of illness. According to a study by the US University of Boston, a glass of orange juice is enough to increase the risk of illness by 74 percent.

Gout (uricopathy) is particularly widespread in western industrialized countries. More and more people are affected by the painful illness. The number of new cases recorded has skyrocketed in recent years. Researchers see a connection here to the increased consumption of sweetened drinks. The food industry repeatedly praises fructose as an alternative to conventional table sugar. This is clearly indicated on the products. So it can often be read on the offered soft drinks and desserts: "Without sugar, sweetened with natural fructose". The Federal Chamber of Pharmacists warns: "Fruit sugar is a 'wolf in sheep's clothing'," said Erika Fink, President of the Federal Chamber of Pharmacists in the Pharmaceutical Newspaper. It is better to use drinks or other foods that have a low sugar content overall. "Consumers should pay attention to the ingredient lists of the foods and only eat or drink small amounts of a food sweetened with fear sugar."

Gout is a chronic metabolic disease, usually in episodes and progressively worsening. Deposits in the joints change the cartilage and bone mass. Those affected suddenly feel severe pain in the limbs and joints. As the disease progresses, there is also massive damage to the excretory organs. The worst complication is chronic kidney failure.

Food with a high fructose content is often advertised as being “child-friendly”. However, the pharmacist association warns against using such products uncritically. Instead, parents should not offer their children sweet lemonades or other fruit drinks in large quantities. So-called spritzers or fruit, which only contain small amounts of fructose, are better. Fruit should be on the menu every day anyway. The Federal Association of Pharmacies refers to their range of information on healthy nutrition. Over 2000 pharmacists all over Germany have specialized in nutritional advice and are happy to inform patients individually. (sb)

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