General Practitioners Association wins KV-Bayern election

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The General Practitioners' Association wins the election for the KV-Bayern representative assembly.

In the election to the representative assembly of the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians in Bavaria (KVB), the list of the Bavarian General Practitioners' Association with its top candidate Dr. Wolfgang Hoppenthaller has been confirmed as the strongest fraction. This is a "clear vote of the general practitioners for the system change," said Dr. Hoppenthaller after the election.

Over 500 candidates on eleven medical and four psychotherapeutic lists voted for one of the 50 seats in the KVB representative assembly, with the turnout among doctors being around 70 percent and among psychotherapists around 80 percent. In the future, the Bavarian General Medical Association will provide 21 of the 50 members of the representative assembly. Dr. In view of the election results, Hoppenthaller claimed a seat on the KV board. "We need this board seat in order to make the system change, ie the exit from this corporate system, smoothly", emphasized Dr. Hoppenthaller.

As the second strongest faction, the “Bavarian Specialist List of Professional Associations” led by Andreas Hellmann has moved into the representative assembly with ten seats. The list of the "Bavarian Specialist Association" with the top candidate Ilka Martina Enger achieved five seats. Two seats each went to the list of the "Association of Independent General Practitioners in Bavaria" with top candidate Gabriel Schmidt, the "Excellent quality for doctor and patient" list led by Axel Munte and the "Young list for children and adolescents" with Roland Ulmer at the Top. The “Physicians List Bavaria” with top candidate Wolf von Römer, the list of “Medi Bayern” under Alfried Schinz and the list “Talking Medicine” with Claudia Ritter-Rupp achieved a seat. Among the psychotherapists, the "Psychotherapists Alliance" with top candidate Rudi Bittner received three seats and the "Action Alliance Psychotherapy" under Ellen Bruckmayer two seats.

This "vote of general practitioners for the system change" shows in the opinion of Dr. Wolfgang Hoppenthaller that Bavaria's general practitioners were no longer willing to "make their labor available to the compulsory system of the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians". However, in spite of the system switchover, the aim is to continue providing primary care for patients with the usual high quality and without any impairment, explained Dr. Hoppenthaller.

"In order to guarantee this, due to the many points of contact that still exist with this body, close cooperation is urgently required, at least in the coming years," emphasized the chairman of the Bavarian General Practitioners' Association. The board of the KVB is expected to be elected at the constituent meeting of the new assembly of representatives on January 22, 2011. (fp)

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