Shortage of young talent: The urge to perfection stirs up fear

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Shortage of young people: The urge to perfection fuels the fear of having children. Young mothers are overwhelmed by the social pressure to perfect.

As mothers, women would like to do everything right, with serenity in parenting being an ideal starting point for 78 percent of them. However, only 44 percent of women manage to remain really relaxed when it comes to children. This is the result of a study by the Cologne Rheingold Institute for qualitative market and media analyzes, in which 1,000 women between the ages of 20 and 40 were asked about planning young talent.

According to the results of the study, women are under a lot of pressure to perfect, which prevents many of them from having children. According to the Rheingold Institute, many young women despair of the ideal of “relaxed motherhood”. While 78 percent of women want to be relaxed about everything related to children, family, and jobs, only 44 percent said they were actually relaxed. Ines Imdahl, psychologist and director of studies at the Rheingold Institute, emphasized: "The women make so much effort to be relaxed that they are no longer." Because most of the children see financial burdens, changes in the partnership and the demands Being successful, attractive woman and loving, perfect mother at the same time, approaching yourself and often do not feel up to this pressure.

Ines Imdahl explained that for many women, being a mother is accompanied by a kind of loss of identity, because on the one hand they are fully mother, they want to support their child optimally and want to be there for them, but on the other hand they show no change externally and the attractive partner and want to remain a professionally successful woman. Therefore, many women feel torn between the different roles. In the opinion of the psychologist at the Rheingold Institute, the pressure that attaches to the social value of children and maternal upbringing is exacerbated considerably. For example, 61 percent of those surveyed had stated that it was up to the mothers to optimally support the children.

Pressure for perfection and serenity The pressure for perfection and serenity means that many women on their own put off wanting to have children. In addition, numerous women were convinced that having children had the risk of falling socially despite good education. 58 percent of the respondents stated that children were a cost factor and 48 percent associated concrete financial worries with becoming a mother. In addition to financial concerns, every second woman is afraid that her partnership with childbearing will take a back seat and her partner will "only" see her as a mother and no longer as a woman, explained Ines Imdahl.

The study "Child Wars in Germany" carried out by the Rheingold Institute was commissioned by the baby food manufacturer "Milupa". The Rheingold Institute surveyed 1,000 women between the ages of 20 and 40, including mothers from babies up to 12 months of age, pregnant women and women with and without the desire to have children. In addition, the researchers at the research institute conducted extensive in-depth psychological interviews with 70 women. It also discussed what women would like to see in terms of improvements in the situation of the mothers. For Ines Imdahl the conclusion was clear at this point: The women “above all want it to be normal for working women to have children” and are therefore almost desperately looking for support from politics, business and society. So far, however, only with modest success, because even if isolated bright spots such as in-house kindergartens and similar measures are praised publicly, women still often find closed doors when looking for support. (fp)

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