Practice for naturopathy-mobile practice for animals

Practice for naturopathy-mobile driving practice for animals
Petra Maier alternative practitioner and veterinary practitioner
Main focus: In April 2005 I successfully completed the exam as a naturopath and have been running a naturopathic practice and a mobile driving practice for animals since 2006. My therapeutic focus is on homeopathy (classic, miasm therapy, nosode therapy and antroposophic complex remedies), Schüßler mineral salts, traditional Chinese medicine (acupuncture, herbal medicine, acupressure, Tuinamassage, face pulse tongue diagnosis), pythotherapy - Western herbal medicine, Reiki and Bach flower remedies. All patient groups are welcome and are treated individually with appropriate therapy. Appointments by telephone. Please inquire about seminars, courses and lectures on various topics by telephone.

Petra Maier alternative practitioner and veterinary practitioner
In Kromerle 12
72793 Pfullingen
Tel: 07121/1476122
Mail: [email protected]

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