Drinking binge double heart attack risk

Excessive alcohol consumption doubles the risk of heart attack. Study: drinking binge at the weekend is not only unhealthy for the liver, but also doubles the risk of heart attack.

Compared to moderate alcohol consumption, the risk of suffering a heart attack is doubled if, for example, people drink excessively at the weekend, as a French study recently showed. For the comparison, the researchers examined the different drinking habits in France and the British Northern Ireland. For the long-term study, the researchers observed around ten years 1000 men who were between 50 and 59 years old at the start of the study and had no previous diseases in the area of ​​the cardiovascular system. The men came from the French cities of Lille, Strasbourg and Toulouse and in Northern Ireland's Belfast.

Same amount, but different risks It became clear that the amount of alcohol consumption was very similar in both countries. However, there was one major difference: While the French men drank the same amount as the Irish test subjects, the French drank throughout the week. The Irish study participants mostly drank the entire amount at once on Saturday. According to the results, the men in Northern Ireland have about 20 times more excessive drinking than the participants in France. Massive alcohol consumption is indicated as such if the person concerned drinks at least 50 grams of alcohol in one evening. In comparison: This corresponds to four to five glasses of wine or five large glasses of beer, for example.

Twice as many heart attacks in Northern Ireland Over the past ten years, about twice as many men in Northern Ireland have had a heart attack than the French study participants compared. The researchers suspect two essential background aspects. For one thing, the amount consumed in an evening is very important. On the other hand, it also depends on which alcohol was predominantly drunk. In Belfast, the subjects drank mainly beer and high-proof alcohol, but hardly any wine. In France, on the other hand, wine is drunk, preferably red wine. Some studies have suggested that moderate wine consumption (one glass of red wine a day) can have a positive effect on the heart and circulation and reduce the risk of heart attack. The scientists see two key points here why, despite the same amount of alcohol, men in Northern Ireland often suffer from heart failure. The further study results were published in the science magazine "British Medical Journal". (sb)

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