Hamburg: Number of hospital beds is increasing

The number of Hamburg hospital beds is expected to increase to a total of 11,800 beds.

The Hamburg health senator Dietrich Wersich presented the "Hospital Plan 2015" on Tuesday, which shows that the number of hospital beds in the Hanseatic city should increase by 1.4 percent to 11,800 by 2015. Other focal points include the expansion of geriatric medicine and help for stroke patients, said Wersich.

The cornerstones of the new hospital plan for 2015 are the need-based expansion of care close to home in geriatric medicine and for stroke patients and the slight increase in the number of beds in Hamburg's hospitals. According to the Hamburg Health Senator, the goal of hospital planning is to ensure hospital care for the Hamburgers Population and the needs-based further development of the structures required for this, in accordance with the requirements of the Hospital Financing Act.

For example, the new hospital plan, which runs from 2011 to 2015, takes into account the actual increase in the use of Hamburg's hospitals and focuses on local care, said health senator Dietrich Wersich. "For the first time in a while (...) with a plus of 1.4 percent compared to 2011", there was again a slight increase in the number of beds "in Hamburg's planned hospitals", emphasized Wersich. In this way, the Hanseatic city could continue to live up to its metropolitan position and also provide the best possible care for the numerous patients from the surrounding area. Because a quarter of all patients now come from the surrounding area or from other federal states, says Wersich. "Hamburg has an important role for the whole of northern Germany," said the health senator and "The capacities have been built up because patients from other federal states are looking for good care in Hamburg," explained Wersich. The health senator, however, rejected the fear that with the investment of more than one billion euros over the past ten years an oversupply had been built up in the Hanseatic city. Even if Hamburg is the nationwide leader with its investments, the investments have always been "based on the actual needs of the people in Hamburg and the surrounding area, not on the growth goals of the hospitals", emphasized Wersich and added: "We want to create an offer close to home without over the hospital planning to lead a patient. "

Some measures were expressly left open in the new hospital plan, explained the Hamburg Health Senator. For example, politicians had doubts about the wishes to expand capacities in psychiatry / psychotherapy, psychosomatic medicine and child and adolescent psychiatry and therefore suspended the decision for the time being. So far, the desired expansion was justified by the number of cases, so that the parties had agreed to "review the development in the coming year and then take it into account in a separate interim update of the hospital plan," said Wersich 2015 will be updated in 2012 based on the data from 2011 in order to be able to make any necessary adjustments at an early stage. (fp)

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