Osteopathy: trust nature to the end

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Heilpraxisnet.de book tip: Andrew Taylor Still "Trust nature to the end". Thoughts on Osteopathic Philosophy, Jolandos Verlag.

Christian Hartmann from Pähl's Jolandos Verlag has set itself the task of bringing the philosophy of osteopathy, especially osteopathic specialists, closer by sending and publishing literature in and around osteopathy. This book is one of the works that is also suitable for non-osteopaths to get to know osteopathy.

Christian Hartmann started with a short biography of Andrew Taylor Still (1828-1917) on 20 pages, the founder of osteopathy. You immediately notice that the knowledge Christian Hartmann has about the founder and history of osteopathy goes far beyond what you can usually read on all websites of osteopaths in Germany. In this short biography, Hartmann manages to sum up the reader's understanding of the time in which Still lived, his family circumstances and backgrounds. This is essential for understanding Andrew Taylor Still's texts, which Hartmann has compiled on the following pages on the various subject areas such as osteopathy, nature, philosophy, religion, medicine and others.

It is not a matter of stringing together quotes, but the original excerpts from the texts of Still against an insight into a certain view of the world and an understanding of what is going on in and around us. They make it clear that osteopathy is more than just a specific manual treatment.

It is thanks to Christian Hartmann that he did not only take on the task with this book to ensure that osteopathy in Germany is more than just a backgroundless method for the treatment of back pain or shoulder stinging in the area of ​​so-called "alternative" Medicine. And everyone who works osteopathic will thank him if he is asked at a party again "Tell me, what is osteopathy?". Then you can easily hand over this book to the questioner. (tf, Nov 21, 2010)

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