Why international health insurance is important

Siemens company health insurance: Private international health insurance is important. Many Germans are too carefree when planning their vacation.

A cold and wet autumn has arrived. With increasingly uncomfortable weather, many holidaymakers are drawn beyond German and European borders. Long-distance destinations that offer white beaches and bathing weather are particularly popular in the cold season. Everything is thought of. With sunscreen, the first aid kit, the passport. Only the
Health insurance coverage for foreign countries often falls behind. The Siemens company health insurance company SBK summarizes what foreign travelers should pay attention to.

Health insurers think too little about their health on a vacation trip
Almost everyone likes to hide that something unforeseen can happen even during the most beautiful days of the year. Illness or accidents do not take vacation into account. "We are frightened by the fact that most people are aware of the need for private travel health insurance. However, many think that ten days of vacation will be fine
happen. The travel time is completely irrelevant. An accident or illness, such as a stroke or a heart attack can happen at any time, "says Michael Zaubzer, international expert at SBK." It is fascinating to see how many people insure their luggage, their house and their dog, they just don't think about their own health. " the expert said. "

Most of the accidents when traveling are of a "minor nature" and do not immediately require inpatient treatment. "One of our statistics shows that around 50 percent of all treatments cost less than 100 euros," says Zaubzer. Taking out private travel health insurance is nevertheless advisable for every trip abroad "otherwise it can be expensive under certain circumstances."

Without international health insurance, it could be expensive
Even those who stay in Europe may have to pay a lot without adequate insurance coverage if they use medical services. Anyone leaving the continent should be well informed and insured. Statutory health insurance companies are only allowed to pay for services provided abroad if it is an EU country or one
so-called agreement state, such as Turkey, Tunisia, Bosnia, Macedonia or Croatia. As a rule, only the rates that would have been reimbursed in Germany are paid. There are EU countries that accept the European Health Card (EHIC), which has been valid for several years. Even though acceptance increases from year to year, there are countries that reject the card for various reasons. It is a huge advantage here if you speak the local language and can make yourself understood. "Otherwise, the patient has to pay for the treatment privately, and the rates used are often arbitrary. In this case, private travel health insurance, which can be obtained for an annual premium of 8 to 15 euros, provides protection. It covers the difference between that paid by the health insurance company and the private one Sentence.

Have a detailed invoice given to you during treatment
Even if the health insurance company pays, it is very important that the insured person submits a detailed invoice after treatment abroad. Zaubzer: "Often there is only medical treatment on the bill. Then we cannot even reimburse 20 euros." In many cases, however, it turns out when asked that, for example, an X-ray was taken or blood was taken. The costs are of course higher here. That is why it always makes sense for the insured to make a list of the benefits themselves and send them along.

Statutory health insurance companies such as the SBK endeavor to make generous reimbursements even for treatments abroad, but always with a view to the careful handling of the insured's funds and in compliance with legal requirements. With private travel health insurance, comprehensive insurance coverage can usually be guaranteed for little money, which also covers the residual risk. (Pm, Nov 17, 2010)

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