Practice for psychotherapy (HP)

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Practice for psychotherapy (HP), hypnosis and regression
Main focus: I have been working independently in my own practice since 2006 as a trained hypnosis and reincarnation therapist. My goal is to support as many people as possible to return to a more natural way of life and to avoid everything that harms them as a holistic being. More and more people are opening up to new or forgotten knowledge. My job is to accompany people on their way to a better quality of life. With just a few hypnosis sessions, I can help you to enjoy life more and to cope better with everyday requirements. With the help of hypnosis, motivation can be increased, stress reduced and motivation improved. Further therapy focuses: regression and reincarnation therapy, conversation therapy, health advice for the back, feet and joints, relaxation massages. Further information:

Practice for psychotherapy (HP), hypnosis and regression Mundsburger Damm 4
22087 Hamburg
01578- 8740849
Mail: [email protected]

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