Autumn leaves with positive effects

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Autumn leaves with positive effects on the mind

Who did not go out as a child at least once to collect and dry autumn leaves due to their rich colors and attractive sight. Now the time has come again and the autumn season has enriched the parks and forests with new colors.

Autumn leaves with a positive effect The autumn colors of our deciduous trees fill each year with a range of colors that ranges from golden yellow to velvet brown to strong, almost fire red. No two trees are alike and the landscape of forests and parks gains a very special charm. Even if some garden owners are annoyed by the huge amount of fallen leaves, it should not be forgotten that the mulch also has a positive effect on the flora and fauna. As a kind of insulating layer, it provides the plants with sufficient warmth for the winter and, in the event of decomposition in the spring, provides important nutrients for plant growth. The foliage also offers small animals such as hedgehogs, toads, frogs, newts and amphibians a place to hibernate.

Autumn leaves are well compostable If you still want to collect and remove the leaves, you can mix them well on your own compost with a bit of stone flour (neutralizes the acid in the leaves) and compostable kitchen waste or plant residues from the garden and thus gain useful humus. Basically, however, no sick leaves, for example those infected with fungi, should end up on the beds or in the compost.

Autumn leaves: positive effects on the psyche? The childhood memories in particular, which many people associate with autumn leaves, also have a positive effect on the psyche and can counteract the widespread autumn and winter depressions. Be it a leafy battle or collecting the most beautiful, colorful leaves, tinkering with them or using them as decorations - most possible uses also have a clear positive effect on the mood of adults. And whether it is simply the calming effect of the pleasant rustling of leaves as you walk through or the friendly, warm sight that the autumn colors offer us.

Numerous uses and almost every child has already dried autumn leaves to preserve the color a little longer. So the leaves can be well wrapped in kitchen towels, dried and pressed in a thick book. Then you can simply enjoy the view or use them to design picture frames, collages, etc. The various handicraft books offer good tips on the subject of “designing with leaves”. So no reason to let the leaves disappear in the organic bin or the yellow sack. There are enough alternative options, from use as a thermal blanket to composting and artistic design. And people should take the time to indulge in the pleasant childhood memories associated with autumn leaves. Because this also has a relaxing effect and can prevent everyday stress or help to hide it at short notice. (fp, 10.11.2010)

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