Cancer scares the Germans the most

Cancer scares people the most: DAK study: women and younger people in particular fear tumors

Cancer scares people the most in Germany. Although serious heart disease is by far the leading cause of death, malignant tumors are much more feared. According to a recent DAK study, 73 percent of Germans are afraid of cancer. But only every second man uses free early diagnosis at the doctor.

In the representative study, the Forsa Institute * currently surveyed 3,015 men and women for the DAK health insurance company. More than one in two (53 percent) is afraid of an accident with serious injuries. After that, stroke (52 percent), Alzheimer's or dementia (50 percent) and heart attack (45 percent) are mentioned. 30 percent of those questioned are afraid of mental illness, followed by severe lung disease (26 percent) and diabetes (20 percent).

Health care: Better sport than a doctor's check "Women are more concerned about diseases than men," says DAK expert Dr. Christina Sewekow. This applies to cancer as well as to accidents or strokes. "Women have a different feeling for their bodies, but this also has a positive effect on preventive health care." According to the study, 74 percent of women go to early cancer detection. It's only 46 percent for men. In order to prevent illnesses, 80 percent of those questioned regularly exercise. Low alcohol consumption and healthy eating are mentioned almost as often.

According to the DAK survey, fear of diseases varies greatly depending on age. For example, at 81 percent, 14 to 29 year olds are most afraid of cancer. There is also greater concern about accidents or a mental illness in younger people than in older people. The fear of cancer (63 percent) and Alzheimer's or dementia (59 percent) is almost the same among those over 60 years of age.

Starting education in adolescents "If young people are already very afraid of cancer, then this feeling should be used more than before for health care," emphasizes DAK expert Dr. "We start prevention work with adolescents and young adults and point out, for example, the advantages of early detection and a healthy lifestyle." According to the DAK study, 45 percent of 14 to 29 year olds rate their current state of health as "very good." The older respondents over the age of 60 are only 17 percent.

According to the statutory provisions, women aged 20 and over can take advantage of free early cancer detection. The genital organs are examined. From the age of 30, women should also have their breast examined. Men aged 45 and over should have their rectum, prostate and genital organs examined annually.

Germans are most afraid of these diseases:
1. Cancer (73 percent)
2nd accident with injuries (53 percent)
3rd stroke (52 percent)
4. Alzheimer's / dementia (50 percent)
5th heart attack (45 percent)
6th herniated disc (36 percent)
7. Mental illness (30 percent)
8. Serious lung disease (26 percent)
9. Diabetes (20 percent)
10. STD (14 percent)

* From October 11 to 29, 2010, the Forsa Institute conducted a representative survey of 3,015 men and women across Germany. (DAK, Nov 10, 2010)

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