Alcohol and sex for sleep disorders?

Alcohol and sex for sleep disorders? Expert recommends sex for relaxation with sleep disorders
The renowned expert Professor Jürgen Zulley spoke to “Welt Online” about the widespread disease sleep disorders and revealed astonishing things: the expert recommends sex against insomnia. A limited amount of alcohol can also be used for relaxation and thus prevent sleep disorders, the specialist explains.

Sick, stupid and fat from lack of sleep? Occasional, short-term sleep disorders do not harm the organism, according to Prof. Zulley, but as soon as they occur over a period of three months, they become chronic and "then it harms", emphasized the expert. Prof. Zulley added a little provocatively: “Too little sleep makes you sick, stupid and fat. Also ugly. In addition, chronic insomnia leads to an earlier death. ”Despite the polemical shortening of his theses, Prof. Zulley is not entirely wrong because the effects of lack of sleep on the organism are far-reaching. For example, insomnia increases the risk of being overweight, since our organism only releases leptin, a hormone that pretends to make us feel full during the night, explained Prof. Zulley in an interview with "Welt Online". "That's why sleep disorders tend to be overweight," said the expert. The memory is also increasingly impaired in the case of sleep disorders, since "we save what we have learned during the day while sleeping".

When asked about the causes of sleep disorders, the specialist explained: "Above all, it is said casually: stress", even though Prof. Zulley would actually prefer to call this tension. Because to be able to sleep you have to relax and everything that affects relaxation prevents sleep, according to the expert. Today, “mostly everyday problems that you take with you to sleep” are a cause of the increasingly common sleep disorders. "Because many people can no longer draw a line in the evening," falling asleep and staying asleep is particularly difficult for them, according to Prof. Zulley in the "World Online" interview. “The speed is too high. The sleep-deprived has this state day and night. Chronic. That's why he can't sleep during the day! ”Emphasized Prof. Zulley. Those affected feel tired and broken, but cannot fall asleep or almost cannot sleep through the night.

Marijuana or alcohol for sleep disorders? When asked about possible relaxation methods that could make falling asleep easier, Prof. Zulley explained that alcohol is unsuitable as a sleep aid and if only "as a pleasure in moderation" could contribute to relaxation. But "alcohol has to be broken down again" and "the breakdown can then disrupt sleep", the expert and Prof. Zulley added to "Welt Online": "It is a question of the dose, but it can lead to considerable sleep disorders." if marijuana is already suitable, whereby smoking pot can "turn on, but also relax", explained Prof. In addition, the "breakdown of the active ingredient THC (...) is not as strenuous for the body as that of alcohol" - Prof. Zulley would recommend Cannabis use “still not”.

Relaxation through sex would be recommendable In the opinion of the expert, the decision is rather that those affected “draw a line” in the evening. "From now on, no work, no problems, just: fun and relaxation", according to Prof. Zulley, should be the motto after work. "Sex would be good, relaxed would be excellent," the specialist explained to "Welt Online", but many people are alone today most of the nights, so that the advice cannot help everyone for a long time. The expert believes that the quality, nature and location of the bed are less important than the importance of relaxation methods, but must also be taken into account. So "the look of my bed and my bedroom can very well lead to relaxation" and should have a "positive and pleasant appearance", especially for those who are disturbed by sleep, explained Prof. Because "this is especially important for sleepy people because they are more sensitive to many factors as a healthy person, "said the expert in an interview with" Welt Online ". Therefore, according to Prof. Zulley, sleep-impaired people should use a "point-elastic mattress" and above all ensure a "dry climate in the so-called bed cave" because we sweat at night and the moisture has to be drained off.

10 percent of the population affected Germany-wide, around ten percent of the population suffer from high-grade sleep problems.According to various experts, women are affected about one and a half times more frequently than men by the most common sleep disorder, insomnia (sleep and sleep disorder). From the age of 40, the risk of sleep disorders generally increases significantly and, according to the experts, roughly every third German has gained experience with sleep problems in the course of his life. According to a study by the Techniker Krankenkasse in 2008, professional reasons (54 percent of the men affected; 37 percent of the women affected), private problems (36 percent of the men; 43 percent of the women), health problems (32 percent of the men; 40 percent of women), snoring partners (8 percent of men; 30 percent of women) or too warm / cold bedrooms (31 percent of men; 35 percent of women) are the main factors behind the occurrence of sleep disorders.

In naturopathy there are also approaches for the natural treatment of sleep disorders. For example, valerian & L-tryptophan can help with sleep problems if there are no serious illnesses. (fp, 08.11.2010)

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