Does cycling make you impotent?

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Does cycling make men impotent? The answer is no. Pain can only arise from a misalignment on the saddle, but this does not cause any damage to the testicles.

The myth that cycling makes you impotent has been around for a long time. Urologists disagree with this common assumption. Only those who sit unfavorably on a bicycle saddle can pinch certain nerves. For this reason, choosing the right saddle is crucial to prevent pain from arising.

This rumor has been spreading for decades: cycling makes men impotent. Again and again my layperson that the man's testicles are pinched by the saddle. This creates an impotence. But the Hamburg urologist Professor Christian Wülfing contradicts this myth: "The answer is a resounding no". And what is it like to ride a lot of bikes all the time? "Even those who cycle 20 kilometers to and from work every day will not suffer any permanent damage." Otherwise, all cycling professionals would have to suffer from impotence. Only the fact that an accident can cause impotence is confirmed. Because in the event of an unfavorable impact, the saddle could also cause injuries to the bicycle rod, which could in some cases cause an inability to conceive.

Pelvic pain
How did this widespread view come about? If you ride a lot of bicycles, you probably know the pain symptom. An improper posture or position of the bicycle saddle can cause pain in the area of ​​the male pelvic floor. Urologists refer to this type of painful irritation as "Alcock syndrome". The pudendal nerve in the pelvic floor can cause pain: "However, the hardness or alignment of the saddle does not generally play a role here, but the causes are quite individual," explains the urologist. For this reason, cyclists should try out for themselves which saddle and which posture is best on the bike to reduce painful irritation. Even if pain occurs, it is by no means a sign that there is impotence. "Despite the pain, no permanent damage is to be expected here either," said Professor Dr. Christian Wülfing.

When can impotence be organic? According to the latest evaluations, impotence is psychological in around 90 percent of cases. In only ten percent of cases is there an organic condition that causes an inability to produce or a functional disorder. The most common cause of “erectile dysfunction” is circulatory disorders. Success has already been achieved here if those affected change their diet, stop unhealthy lifestyles such as smoking or eating too much fat, and exercise more. Inflammation of the testicles or prostate, disorders of the hormonal balance and the after-effects of medical interventions can also cause impotence. Adequate diagnostics and therapies are initiated by a specialist in urology. (sb, Nov 7, 2010)

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