Doctor attacked by patient with frying pan

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A doctor from the Miltenberg district was attacked by a 82-year-old pensioner with a frying pan during a house call. The apparently mentally confused man had previously threatened the medic with a gun. Even though the patient called the doctor himself because of pain.

This is not a good idea for a doctor who is called to a patient: a doctor was physically attacked by a mentally disturbed man with a frying pan during a home visit. The doctor then called the police. Even before the officials arrived, the doctor was able to disarm the 82-year-old and steal the pan. The older man had previously informed the doctor that he was experiencing severe pain.

In the course of the investigation, the man suddenly pulled out a revolver. The man spoke of an alleged conspiracy against which he wanted to defend himself. When the patient put the gun down in a moment, the doctor took advantage of the moment and stole the weapon. From this developed a brief argument, the pensioner immediately reached for a frying pan and hit the doctor on the head with it. The doctor then suffered a minor head injury. Until the police arrived, the doctor locked the confused in the kitchen. The police then took the man to a clinic, where he is currently being psychiatrically examined. (sb, Nov 5, 2010)

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