An affair can endanger health

An affair during a partnership can endanger health: According to a study by the University of Turin, an infidelity can not only endanger the partnership but also damage health.

A fling during a steady partnership or marriage is only spoken of at hand, too much shame of all concerned. An affair, however, can not only endanger the relationship, but also health. However, what sounds like a moral club is actually a fact. An Italian study from the University of Turin recently found that men are at greatest risk of migraines and pathological artery dilation in the course of an affair.

Most men experience a very high stress level during the relationship. The stress rises in most people's heads. An effective antidote, according to researchers at the US "Colorado State University", is to confess the affair of his partner. This at least reduces the risk of damage to health, according to the researchers. Ultimately, however, it is your own values ​​and morals that lead to an increase in stress and inner unrest. For many men, confessing an affair brings emotional relief and the stress is alleviated. The prerequisite for this is, of course, that both partners deal constructively with the admission.

The betrayed suffer from the partner's affair
An affair not only harbors health risks for those who "cheat". As Christoph Kröger, psychologist at the TU Braunschweig reports to the magazine "Men’s Health", knowledge of an affair of the partner can lead to anxiety and depression. The psychologist warns the magazine: "These symptoms are similar to the mental disorders after a serious car accident". Anyone who has ever felt a heartache knows what it feels like.

One in four men has ever had an affair
How often is cheating in the course of a partnership? "One in four men has had an affair in their current relationship, and every fifth in women," says Dr. Ragnar Beer, psychologist at the University of Göttingen, in the magazine "Men's Health". Often the cause of an affair is sexual discontent within the marriage or partnership. Many then seek the adventure in an affair and respond to corresponding offers. Compared to the relatively high number of affairs, people's rejection is very high. 94 percent of women and men in the western industrialized countries categorically reject an affair. A double standard that also has an impact on health. (sb, Nov 5, 2010)

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Source: Men’s Health issue 12/2010, EVT 10 November 2010

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