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In Germany, more and more men suffer from impotence

More and more men are impotent in Germany. In addition to psychological causes, unhealthy lifestyles such as smoking and alcohol consumption play an important role, as an evaluation by the health insurance company KKH-Allianz showed.

The number of impotent men has increased steadily in Germany in recent years. Mental health plays a major role in many men. The KKH alliance evaluated the data from 2006 and 2009 in its investigation. This was anonymized data from the health insured who were receiving treatment for impotence. Compared to 2006, the number of people affected per 100,000 insured rose by 13 percent. Last year the box office recorded almost 19,000 men suffering from impotence. According to the KKH, erectile dysfunction is 90 percent psychological. In almost nine out of ten men, no organic disorders could be determined medically. However, smoking and excessive alcohol consumption were said to play an important role.

Decreasing sexual disorders in women The study showed that only a small proportion of male patients had an organic disorder or a consequence of a serious illness. However, sexual disorders in women are declining. Here, the proportion of women affected fell by 15 percent between 2006 and 2009. Around 7,300 women insured with the KKH-Allianz suffered from sexual dysfunction. In addition, around 29,000 women and men have been treated on an outpatient basis for sexual dysfunction or impotence in the past year. That makes up a share of 25 percent of female patients. At the checkout, however, it is believed that the number of unreported cases is much higher, many men and women shy away from going to the doctor.

Avoiding stress and seeking relaxation Stress is primarily responsible for sexual discomfort or inability. To alleviate stress, it is important to reduce stress factors and seek relaxation. Most complain of stress, especially at work or at school / training. Various methods have proven to be successful in reducing stress. For many it is enough to exercise more, to do sports as a balance or to take a break. Those who experience less stress can also relax better physically. (sb, Nov 4, 2010)

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