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Naturopathy petition to the German Bundestag against the implementation of the EU ban on the sale of medicinal plants

In naturopathy circles there is mobilization: By November 11th 2010 50,000 signatories of an EU petition pharmaceuticals against the trade restrictions for medicinal plants in the EU and against an implementation of the EU sales ban on medicinal plants of September 20, 2010 are to be won. The EU wants to restrict the trade in medicinal plants through the planned implementation of the EU directive on April 1, 2011.

According to the European Directive on the Use of Traditional and Herbal Medicinal Products (THMPD), the sale and use of natural products are severely restricted. It is an EU directive to standardize the approval procedure for traditional herbal preparations that are used medicinally. This means that natural products are re-declared as medical products and these in turn must be approved. In all EU countries it will then be forbidden to sell medicinal herbs or plants that do not have a license. Natural substances, to which one ascribes a healing effect, are no longer classified as food, but as medicine. Naturopaths evaluate this guideline in such a way that only what can be patented and monopolized with a trade mark is desirable. According to the initiators and supporters, nothing that grows in nature can be illegal. Health is not protected by this, but the sales and profits of the pharmaceutical corporations are secured. All people should therefore decide for themselves what is good for them and what means to take, "whether chemical bombs or gentle natural remedies".

To support this, you can register on the website of the German Bundestag at and sign this petition. It takes about three to five minutes to sign the petition. (tf, 03.11.2010)

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