Arranging appointments makes health insurance companies more attractive

Analysis shows that arranging appointments makes statutory health insurance companies more attractive for insured persons. Service can shorten waiting times for doctor's appointment: data from SBK service examined.

By arranging doctor's appointments, statutory health insurance companies make themselves attractive to insured persons and stand out from the competition: 95 percent of insured persons confirm this assessment. This is shown by an analysis by the Siemens company health insurance company SBK.

Are private health insurance companies more attractive because their insured people are supposed to get appointments with doctors faster and easier? No, even the opposite can be the case if statutory health insurers offer their customers a good appointment service. For a corresponding analysis, the SBK evaluated over 3,000 successful placements and then carried out a structured survey among 100 insured persons. The SBK itself has been offering a placement service for appointments with specialists since the beginning of 2009.

According to the study, 95 percent of the insured are convinced that arranging doctor's appointments makes statutory health insurance more attractive. 96 percent would use an appointment service again at any time and the same number of insured people would recommend this service to a good friend - a valid indicator of satisfaction. No wonder, because when asked what they found particularly positive about the appointment service, almost two thirds of the respondents spontaneously named the quick appointment, and the quick processing of the appointment request ranked second. 91 percent of users were also satisfied or very satisfied with the service offered.

Insured people give doctors good grades Among other things, the SBK continuously checks available capacities at specialists for mediation. The doctors themselves can also benefit: 73 percent of the insured surveyed gave the doctor to whom they were referred the school grades 1 or 2. newly established practices build a permanent patient base.

Appointments with specialists are arranged at the SBK. Appointments with ophthalmologists, orthopedic surgeons and cardiologists are particularly popular with insured persons. The placement teams of the SBK partially halve the waiting time and can organize 50 percent of the appointments within 14 days. (pm, Nov 3, 2010)

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