Protect children's skin with natural cream

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Children's skin should be protected with natural cream in winter.

In winter, parents should protect their children's skin with a thicker cream. In the cold winter months in particular, an oily cream is important for children's skin. The parent magazine "Baby und Familie" pointed this out.

In winter, natural cream containing beeswax, shea butter, almonds or avocado oil is particularly suitable. These products do not contain water that could freeze on the skin in freezing temperatures. If the children stay outdoors longer, the cream should also offer UV protection. More natural products based on pigments are much gentler than those with synthetic filters. The synthetic could easily dry out the children's skin, according to the magazine.

Natural cosmetics products can be purchased, for example, in health food stores or organic food stores. Some drugstore chains like "dm" already offer inexpensive natural creams. Above all, parents should make sure that the creams are without chemical additives, as these can cause allergies or reddening of the skin. (sb, Nov 1, 2010)

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