Men are sicker than they admit

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Men are sicker than they admit. Men are more likely to suppress their symptoms than women.

Men in Germany go to the doctor less often and are less concerned about their health. This is also noticeable in the statistics. In contrast to women, men are repressing their health problems, a study by the Men's Health Foundation and the Society for Men and Health confirmed.

Men generally deal with ailments, mental suffering and ailments. According to a study by the Men's Health Foundation, men are still far too seldom taking advantage of preventive health services. According to the foundation, the medical offerings ignore the needs of men. The result: men tend to suppress their physical and psychological complaints and rarely seek competent help from a doctor or therapist. This is the result of the First German Report on Men's Health, a study by the Men's Health Foundation and the Society for Men and Health. The study was presented on Thursday.

But men in particular should take preventive care appointments regularly. Because on average they suffer from diseases more often due to their lifestyle. According to a DKV study, the often unhealthy lifestyle of men means that the disease rate is significantly higher in men than in women. On average, women pay more attention to their health, exercise more and often eat healthier. According to some statistics, men have a life expectancy of almost 76 years, while women are many years older and have an average life expectancy of 80. "Men have a life expectancy five years lower than women. But four and a half years are determined by socio-cultural factors. We can do conditions create that help men to live healthier lives, "said Federal Family Minister Kristina Schröder (CDU) at the presentation of the men's health report. In the next summer of 2011 the family ministry plans to undertake a government study to shed more light on the problem. (sb, October 28, 2010)

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