Metal parts in Gutfried poultry sausage

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Metal parts found in "Gutfried" poultry sausage. Food manufacturer recalls sausage from the trade. The food manufacturer Heinrich Nölke GmbH & Co. KG, which produces the "Gutfried" products, has launched a recall campaign for the "Gutfried" poultry meat sausage. The reason: Certain batches of poultry sausage were sampled with metal splinters from a cutting device, according to a spokeswoman for Heinrich Nölke GmbH from Versmold. The goods already purchased should not be eaten by consumers. The 400-gram packaging with a best-before date of 19 November 2010, which was delivered to the supermarket chain "Kaufland", is affected.

400-gram poultry sausage is recalled Only the "Gutfried" poultry sausage in the 400-gram packaging with a best-before date of 19 November 2010, which was delivered to the "Kaufland" chain and sold through it, was affected. "To rule out any danger, consumers are asked not to consume the goods they have already bought, but to return them to the sales outlets against reimbursement of the purchase price," emphasized the spokeswoman for the food manufacturer. The full price will be refunded even without a receipt. Apparently a cutting knife was broken during production, the remnants of which were subsequently processed in the sausage. Other products or samples are not affected and the trade has already removed the 400-gram poultry sausage from the shelves, according to Heinrich Nölke GmbH & Co. KG.

Incident in the food industry is not an isolated case There are always mishaps in production that lead to the end products being burdened with metal splinters or the like. For example, Unilever did not have to call back hundreds of thousands of "bifis" until April of the year because they contained millimeter-sized metal parts. In contrast to the current case, it was not possible to clarify clearly where the metal residues came from. In addition, it can only be speculated how often such contaminations are not noticeable and the consumer does not consume the products unknowingly. (fp, 27.10.2010)

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