How health insurers trick natural therapies

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How cash registers trick natural therapies: Öko-Test reveals false promises.

In a highly topical survey by the Allensbach Institute for Demoscopy, 70 percent of those questioned expressed their trust in natural medicine. It is understandable, therefore, that despite the narrow legal limits, many health insurance companies try to advertise the alleged reimbursement of such services. "Öko-Test" examined what these promises are worth. For this purpose, "Öko-Test" asked about 120 statutory health insurance companies about their additional services in the field of naturopathy. 80 health insurance companies participated in the survey. The result (published in Öko-Test 6/2010, 36-55) makes you think: Many health insurance companies list naturopathic services that their insured cannot use, as the Committee for Research in Natural Medicine explained.

Mock pack number 1: the trick with rehab There are health insurance companies that promise to cover the costs of a number of naturopathic treatments, but with one restriction: the promise does not apply to outpatient practice, but only if the patient is in or in the hospital is treated in a rehab facility. "Ökotest" clarifies: "With this, the health insurers are cleverly using a gap in social security law.

Mock pack number 2: the trick with the individual case According to a judgment of the Federal Constitutional Court, health insurance companies have to pay for every treatment method under certain conditions for serious illnesses. With this individual case regulation, one of the surveyed health insurers justifies its services for eleven healing procedures. The catch: The health service is made dependent on a positive opinion of the medical service.

Mock pack number 3: the trick with the bonus To receive a bonus, the member of some health insurance companies only has to meet the requirements of a fitness program. Some health insurance companies pretend that naturopathic treatments are also paid for. Insured persons are therefore well advised to check the advertising statements of the health insurance companies carefully before deciding on a health insurance fund. (pm, KFN 16/2010, 25.10.2010)

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