Every third person suffers from mental disorders

One in three suffers from mental disorders: According to a study, almost one in three Germans suffer from a diagnosable mental disorder within a year. This is based on an evaluation in which a total of 19 professors and clinic heads from the fields of psychology and psychosomatics took part. The project analyzed mental and psychosomatic illnesses in Germany and the frequency of their occurrence.

(10/24/2010) About 30 percent of Germans suffer from a mental or mental illness. According to a report in the news magazine "Focus", depression, anxiety disorders, psychosomatic illnesses as well as alcohol, medication and drug addiction are the most common mental illnesses in Germany. As psychological impairments have risen continuously in recent years, therapy costs in Germany rose to 28.6 billion euros in 2008. This is the result of surveys by the Federal Statistical Office and analyzes by the Robert Koch Institute. Deutsche Rentenversicherung alone saw a massive increase in so-called "new pensioners" last year who retired early due to a mental illness. A total of 64,000 people - a record result - were affected in 2009. According to experts, this growing problem is not limited to Germany, but can be found in a similar way in the other western industrial nations.

In view of this catastrophic development, health experts have issued a public appeal warning that the costs and consequences of mental illnesses will no longer be manageable in the future. The three initiators of the Dr. Joachim Galuska, Medical Director of the Psychosomatic Clinics Bad Kissingen, Prof. Thomas Loew, Professor of Psychosomatic Medicine in Regensburg, and Dr. Johannes Vogler, chief physician at the Isny-Neutrauchburg Clinic, warned that adequate treatment of the patients would no longer be possible, even if additional financial resources were available. At the moment, psychiatrists, psychologists and psychotherapists on average have to care for three times more patients than they could actually manage in everyday treatment.

Not only adults are affected. According to a study by the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE), a quarter of children and adolescents under the age of 18 already suffer from psychological or psychosomatic complaints such as anxiety, abdominal pain, depression, inner restlessness and stress. Based on the results of the Hamburg study, it became clear that the increasing pressure to perform at work and at school is also responsible for this. (sb)

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