Slight fever is no reason to panic

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Slight fever is not a disease, but part of a natural healing process of the body. Therefore, patients should let mild fever of up to 39 degrees subside by themselves, as the professional association of German internists explained.

With mild fever, those affected should not panic immediately and take antipyretic drugs. With infections and diseases, fever is part of the natural healing process of the body's own immune system. The fever helps the body fight pathogens, the doctor explained Wolfgang Wesiack. For this reason, patients should not immediately take remedies that lower the fever, but let it go away on their own. In the opinion of the chairman of the professional association of German internists in Wiesbaden, this applies to fever below 39 degrees Celsius. Instead of medication, the old home remedies such as "cold calf wraps" could be used. In the case of the calf wraps, however, the feet and the rest of the patient's body must be kept warm.

If the fever rises continuously and there are other serious symptoms, a doctor should be consulted. This is especially true if the fever rises to more than 40 degrees or lasts longer than two to three days. In healthy adult people, the normal body temperature in the mouth is between 36 and 37.7 degrees Celsius. From 37.8 one speaks of an elevated temperature. One speaks of fever with an increase over 38 degrees. Fever is triggered either by bacteria, viruses or fungi that release fever-producing substances (pyrogens) or by the body's own substances, e.g. released in case of inflammation. (sb, 10/25/2010)

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