HIV: warning of drug interaction

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Warning of unwanted drug drug interactions

The FDA has warned patients with the HI virus not to take two drugs from Roche and Abbott. The simultaneous intake can lead to undesirable interactions or side effects.

The US regulatory agency FDA is currently warning AIDS patients against taking two HIV medications at the same time. These are the pharmaceuticals of the pharmaceutical group Roche and Norvir from Abbott Laboratories. Taking it at the same time can cause an irregular heartbeat, as was said on Thursday. The additives would cause potential life-threatening side effects for the heart when Invirase was used in combination with Norvir.

The European Medicines Agency is currently reviewing the information from the FDA. Until such results are available, patients are advised to temporarily lower the dose of Invirase. However, those affected should first consult their doctor and not lower the dose by themselves.

In February of this year, the FDA warned against the combined use of Roche's Invirase and Abbott's Norvir. A corresponding investigation has been initiated. Invirase works by inhibiting a virus, the HIV protease. Invirase is used in combination with Norvir and other medicines to treat HIV in AIDS patients. (sb, 10/22/2010)

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