Every third woman suffers from the time change

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Every third woman suffers from the clock change. Many people complain of sleep disorders and tiredness during this phase.

Every third woman suffers from the time change in autumn. According to a survey by the health insurance company DAK, around 25 percent of those affected even need several days to get used to the new time setting. Often the afflicted complain of tiredness and sleep disorders. In addition, many react irritably and unfocused at work or at home. "Women often react more sensitively to changes in their body," explains Dr. Susanne Bleich, doctor at the DAK. "You listen to yourself more closely and feel alarm signals such as exhaustion or tiredness faster."

Men are less affected by complaints due to the time change
And what about the men? According to the DAK survey, only one in five men stated that they suffered from symptoms when the time was changed. Only 13 percent still need extra time to get used to the changeover. "Men actually seem to be more robust and insensitive to their biorhythm," explains Dr. Pale. "But sometimes they are a little too relaxed about their health and have too much to do with each other."

Can more people "write sick" during this time?
Does the time change lead to increased absence from work? No, the DAK was unable to detect an increase in sick leave in this time window. This applies equally to women and men. In the week after the changeover, the number of sick leave in 2009 at DAK rose by just one percent. In the two years before that, it actually fell.

The time change messes up the biorhythm
But how is it that some suffer from insomnia or severe fatigue? "Because of the time change, the biorhythm gets mixed up for many," says Dr. “You're more awake in the morning and tired earlier in the evening. The body usually needs a few days to get used to it. ”If you want to prepare for mini jetlag, you can always go to bed a few days in advance.

More traffic accidents due to the time change
The Auto Club Europa (ACE) pointed out at the beginning of the year that the number of traffic accidents would increase significantly immediately after the time change. The ACE referred to information from the Federal Statistical Office. As a result, traffic accidents have increased by 28 percent in the month after the time change in the past five years. Here, too, it seems reasonable to assume that many people suffer from sleep disorders and thus from fatigue due to the time change. On Sunday October 31st, the clock will be set back from three to two o'clock.

How can you prevent?
Naturopathy offers alternative forms of treatment with herbal ingredients such as St. John's wort, valerian and lemon balm. In addition, measures such as exercise and activities in the fresh air can lead to healthy exhaustion in the evening, which could have a positive effect on sleep. The change marks the change from summer time to winter time (normal time). (sb, October 21, 2010)

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