Actress Kim Novak fell ill with cancer

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Actress Kim Novak has cancer The actress Kim Novak has breast cancer. The American actress, which was extremely popular in the 1950s and 60s, was diagnosed with a malignant tumor in the breast. The disease was recognized early and Kim Novak is currently under treatment, the management of the 77-year-old told Hollywood Reporter.

Kim Novak - internationally known for the Hitchcock classic "Vertigo" Kim Novak, best known for her role in the Hitchcock classic "Vertigo - From the Realm of the Dead" (1958), has hardly been an actress for a long time , however, was one of the international stars of the film industry in the 1950s and 60s. In addition to appearing alongside James Stewart in the Hitchcock work, Novak also starred in "Picnic" (1955), "My Bride is Supernatural" (1958), "Kiss Me, Fool!" (1964), "Murder in the Mirror" (1980) and most recently in "Death Dream - The Last Witness Silent" (1991).

Breast cancer diagnosed early As her manager Sue Cameron told the "Hollywood Reporter", breast cancer was "discovered early" by American actors. She is currently being treated. All of her doctors say she is in excellent physical condition and will "recover very well". Kim Novak, born in Chicago in 1933 as a child of Czech immigrants, now lives in Oregon with her husband Robert Malloy. According to the management, the 77-year-old is generally in good shape, trains three times a week and rides her horse every day.

Breast cancer: Timely diagnosis increases survival
Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women in western industrialized countries. Breast cancer kills more women than any other cancer. Systematic self-examinations and screening mammography are of great importance for prevention. The earlier breast cancer is recognized, the higher the chances of successfully treating the tumor. A self-examination should be done five to seven days after the onset or shortly after menstruation (menstrual period). If you notice any abnormalities (small nodules, other abnormalities), women should immediately consult a specialist. From the age of 30 women should regularly go to cancer screening examinations. (fp, 20.10.2010)

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