Protection against colds: Wash hands regularly

Protection against colds in winter: Wash hands regularly.

To avoid fall sicknesses and colds in winter, you should wash your hands regularly. However, disinfectants are superfluous, as the Association of the Federal Chamber of Pharmacists advises.

Viruses that cause colds can be found almost everywhere in everyday life. In addition, the mucous membranes dry out from the dry heating air in offices and apartments. This makes it easy for the cold viruses to trigger a cold. Because the viruses multiply quickly in sealed rooms. For this reason, it is also important in winter to ventilate the rooms at least three to four times a day for 10 minutes.

In order to strengthen the body's own defenses, children and adults should exercise regularly in the fresh air. Walks and games are adequate means of getting the circulation going and training the immune system. It is also important to eat a sufficient and varied healthy diet. Therefore, fruits and vegetables should be consumed in sufficient quantities every day. In order to keep the body resilient, you should also drink enough water, tea or fruit juices.

Washing hands regularly without disinfectants should be a matter of course. Cold viruses often attach themselves to door handles, banisters or other objects that are touched by several people. “Wash your hands thoroughly with soap for at least half a minute. The use of disinfectants is usually not necessary, ”explained Erika Fink, President of the Federal Chamber of Pharmacists. So that the cold viruses stay away from the mouth, nose and eyes, one should not touch the face if possible and also wash it.

Typical cold symptoms are runny nose, headache with or without a cough. If a fever is added, a doctor should be consulted. This also applies if bloody or purulent mucus is coughed up. A doctor should be consulted immediately if a virus flu (influenza) is suspected. Symptoms of a viral flu include a sudden high fever over 39 degrees Celsius and feeling very sick and aching limbs. (sb, October 19, 2010)

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