Naturopathic practice Udo legs

Naturopath Udo legs

Naturopathic practice naturopath Udo legs

Dowsers, classic Schüßler, supportive Bach flower treatment, acupuncture, TCM, reflexology treatment, herbal medicine, pain treatment and individually tailored relapse prevention after tumor surgery (in consultation with the treating doctor / health insurance). For better understanding and self-help, I run courses in homeopathy and Schuessler salt treatments, give lectures by invitation and, in addition to individual one-on-one discussions about nutrition, I also conduct appropriate cooking courses on healthy nutrition. Tasty vegetarian cuisine is of particular importance.

Naturopathic practice Udo legs
Wiemeshuette 16
47918 Tönisvorst - Vorst
Tel: 02156 7758789
Mail: [email protected]

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