Fire in the Linz hospital

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Austria: The fire in the Linz hospital was successfully put out by the fire brigade. There were no injuries and patient care was not at risk.

This morning the Linz fire brigade had to deploy on a large scale because a fire broke out in the Linz hospital of the Merciful Sisters.

A dangerous fire broke out in the Linz Hospital of the Merciful Sisters at around 8:00 am this morning. Fortunately, according to the clinic's plans, there were no injuries. Hospital operations were not affected by the fire either. Treatments, patient care and medical interventions were not at risk or affected by the fire. As the Austrian television station ORF reports, the fire has already been successfully extinguished.

The fire brigade experts suspect that the fire had broken out in the storage room in the order area. This room was far from the patients and relatives of the clinic. According to initial investigations, an electrical defect was the cause of the fire.

The fire brigade in Linz was supported by the volunteer fire brigade from Ebelsberg and St. Magdalena. The source of the fire was fought from two streets. The fire was reported by a fire alarm. For this reason, the fire brigade could be informed in good time. It is still unclear to what extent damage has occurred. (10/19/2010)

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